Human Academy Robot School

What is Robot School about?


It is a programme that helps to teach children to think and learn independently, recreating their own robot masterpiece from the original ones through given educational materials. By doing so, it'll helps to draw out their unique personalities and thus maximizing their creativity outside their comfort zone. In addition, they too will gain scientific knowledge.


What abilities can Robot School develop in kids?


Stimulating creative minds while building up the block and parts especially during process of trial & error.

Space Cognition and Space Perception

While playing with the parts, kids can learn the notion of space and nurture ability to think from different perspectives.


Realizing an image into shapes using the blocks will give a joy of expressing a freedom of thinking. This will stimulate a notion of creativity.

Scientific Knowledge

Scientific knowledge such as “principle of leverage “, "friction “, and mechanism of power-driven tools like gears and motors can be learnt through the experience of robot construction.

Every month, children are introduced to new creations of robots, hence they never get bored.

All Robot Kits are designed by professional robot creator, Mr. Takahashi who is the inventor of the world's first talkable astronaut robot, “KIROBO”.