Play Therapy

Play Therapy

For children aged 4 to 16, using children’s natural communication skills, Play Therapy helps the child work through difficult emotions, address behavioral problems and alleviate through developing their individual coping skills..


Group Play Therapy / Social Skills Training

This programme is for school-going children from aged 4 – 16. Based on the dynamics and practice-based results of play therapy, this programme enables educators and trainers to help their students achieve maximum potential. Key expectations and goals for each selected group of students will be listed.

Strengthening the Parent-Child Relationship

A Coaching and Mentoring programme, adopting a PTI model, to provide empowering strategies to help parents connect with their child.

Goals for the programme:

· Improved communication between parent and child

· Reinforced / improved engagement between parent and child

· Empower parent to interact with child with positivity.

· Hands-on approach, guiding parent in their interaction with child

· Improved regulation and behaviour from child

· Help parent and child to set and act on goals for developing interaction and engagement.

· Focus of reparation is on the here-and-now.

Age group for child

4 – 16 years old