3 Hours Preschool

Language and Literacy

Speech Language Lab adopted Jolly Phonics & Grammar originating from Britain as well as in-house materials for our English curriculum. We use a holistic approach to help improve children’s vocabulary, comprehension, listening, and speaking skills to enable them to speak and write effectively. We create a fun, dynamic environment, which includes learning English through music and play.


Speech Language Lab uses Up Down and Around, the latest pre-school mathematics curriculum by Dr. Yeap Ban Har—one of the world’s foremost experts in Singapore Math—as well as in-house materials to help children improve counting and numeracy skills. Up Down and Around was published by Marshall Cavendish, and it is an eight-part pre-school numeracy series that facilitates deep conceptual understanding and mastery of skills in children during their formative years. It builds on children’s experiences with math in daily life, so learning is meaningful. Children will develop a strong foundation in math to enable them to learn more complex concepts in primary school easily.

Chinese Language

Speech Language Lab uses the Chinese curriculum developed by townforkids to teach pre-school children in Singapore. The Chinese language programme uses rhymes to help children improve their reading and speaking skills in Mandarin. Apart from rhymes, our Chinese programme teaches children the proper stroke order when writing Chinese characters.

Art & Crafts

Our curriculum incorporates arts & crafts to allow children to express themselves through their work. In addition, arts and crafts improves a child’s focus, fine motor skills, and creative expression.

Motor Skills Development

The development of a child’s gross and fine motor skills is critical for learning. This forms the foundation for classroom learning as the child grows. At Speech Language Lab, our curriculum incorporates activities to engage the children in fun ways while working on their gross and fine motor skills.

Story Telling Sessions


Our children enjoy daily Story Telling Sessions by our teachers before they head home. These sessions aim to develop our children’s interest in story books, language appreciation and creative imagination through books.


Speech & Drama

Speech & Drama is an effective programme for children to cultivate the necessary building blocks for effective communication. It enables children to develop self-confidence, a creative imagination critical for creative writing, empathy and maturity in interpersonal skills. Speech & Drama also encourages collaborative work among participants to enhance children’s social skills.

Our Speech & Drama Programme caters to children from age 3 to 12 years old.