AEIS Preparatory Programme

What is AEIS?

Admissions Exercise for International Students (AEIS) is a centralised admissions exercise conducted by MOE around September or October each year for international students who wish to join mainstream government schools in primary and secondary level.


Who is AEIS for?

International students, non-Singapore Citizens (SC) or non-Singapore Permanent Residents (SPR), who do not have a place in a local school and who wish to seek admission into Primary 2-5 and Secondary 1-3 levels in January of the following academic year are eligible to take part in AEIS.

Preparing for AEIS


This programme is specifically designed to prepare students for tests by equipping them with skills and knowledge of the Singapore syllabus in English and Mathematics. We build their basic spelling, reading and writing skills. We clarify doubts on any concepts covering in the mainstream education. Our programme also consists of guiding students with personal grooming, classroom adaptability and group learning skills needed to adapt their upcoming primary or secondary school life.