Primary 1 Preparatory Programme

In our programme, language fundamentals are integrated into interactive multimedia lessons and activities. Communication skills are practised through role-playing in a fun environment. Children will learn common English phrases and record their own voice-over animated characters. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, our teachers will introduce new concepts and encourage full participation of the children in class.

Every Child is Unique

As parents, you play an important role to discover the unique talents which your child possesses and nurture these talents. At Speech Language Lab, we are here to assist your child in further exploration and maximising of their potentials.

Primary 1 Preparatory Programme

The development in the early years of a child is crucial as they are opening up their curiosity mind by inquiring, exploring and discovering the world around them. Apart from arousing children’s curiosity and understanding the wonders around them, Speech Language Lab provides opportunities for your child to learn new interactive skills through working and playing together as a team.

Our programme is designed to help preschool children to transit and adapt to primary school life by building their basic skills in spelling, reading, writing and clarifying their doubts on concepts covered in Primary 1. 

Speech Language Lab offers two types of preparatory classes, a year-long programme, which covers English, Chinese and Mathematics, and a 10-week programme covering one of the subjects. Classes are held in small groups which enable children to enjoy quality learning.

To help children reinforce what is taught in school and make learning interesting, Speech Language Lab relies on a combination of technologies and various learning tools like flashcards and music. By associating concepts to everyday objects, children will easily establish their fundamentals, understanding and knowledges.

Through the programme, your child will be physically and mentally prepared for the dynamic environment during the transition phase.